Tips to help you find your artistic voice

The most important thing about making an artistic piece is the style. If you are just exploring your artistic side, it can be very difficult to find and settle on one specific style.  Style is as important as the painting because it differentiates you from other artist and also gives you the inspiration you need to create more art.

Detach yourself from your visual library

Sometimes, the only thing more confusing is your visual library. In most cases, the visuals are unconscious. Basically, you feel the need to create art in a specific way so it turns out more realistic looking and good. Without realising it, you are using familiar pieces of art to create your own and that will not produce unique work. It is vital that you detach yourself from other people’s artistic style to find your own.

Do not rest on your skills and talents

Work on what you are excellent instead of working on what you think people want to see.  But because you are talented in a specific area, you do not have to make that type of art all the time. It is good to explore your different strengths so you can find several areas you may e good at.

Risk taking

Most artists are afraid to take risks, especially when it comes to new styles. Most people convince themselves that the risk in not worth taking because they fear the outcome. As an artist, I can tell you that creating bad art is common when you are not used to that style.

Challenges in completing the work

Some people will do a project fast so they can be through fast enough instead of taking time to master the techniques and lines of the painting. Others, like me, are procrastinators and will take a very long time to complete a project. This can demotivate because you do not take time to master and explore the techniques.  Take an ample amount of time to complete one project before you take on another and in no time, you will have good painting techniques.

Think before you act

Famous and talented artist will make you think that that every brush stroke they make is impulsive but that is not always the case. Always think ahead before you place the brush on the canvas. Think about the stroke, direction, color combinations and more so you can produce well thought out art and learn what techniques work better for you.

Articulate your ideas

The mind of an artist is incredible. You can use it to come up with different ideas. Describing them visually will help you imagine it better making the artistic expression on paper more worthwhile for you.  Try putting all your efforts into words so you can understand the type of results you need.

What made you start painting?

Sometimes, the best way to find your artistic voice is to revisits your earliest work.  It gives you more perspective on why you started painting in the first place and motivates you to continue in a different kind of style.